Apex Norwich Concerns over Grey Fleet

Businesses are in danger of resting on their laurels when it comes to grey fleets according to an industry report. Employers are missing basic duty of care responsibilities when it comes to employees using their own vehicles and overlooking the benefits of using rental vehicles as an alternative.

Well over a third of grey fleet drivers have never been asked by their employer to demonstrate that their vehicle is fit to drive, is insured or even if they have a licence. Furthermore, only one in ten employees surveyed has access to a company car. This means businesses may be missing a trick when it comes to seeing the benefits of using rental vehicles. Despite the economic climate people are still driving more than ever for business.

Here at Apex Norwich, we have the solution to meet those requirements. We have seen a massive growth in the market for our long term rental packages. Companies are replacing long term lease and contract hire vehicles with short term flexible ones that have no early termination fee. This then offers total flexibility over their fleet of cars and vans, Only paying for vehicles when they need them. With Apex Norwich, you are getting low fleet costs without the long term financial commitment associated with conventional contract hire and leasing.

Apex Norwich are specialists in this field. Call to discuss your requirements with our dedicated team.